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Motown Kids by Leandra Lane

Wanna learn to sing?
Wanna perform?
Wanna be a  Rockstar?!

Join Motown Kids music school
for kids 4 years and above!


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★ a fresh & new approach to music! ★

Leandra Lane  - Motown Kids Founder and performing artiste Singapore

Motown Kids 
by Leandra Lane

Coming directly from Motown bloodline, Leandra Lane is an African-American-Dutch Eurasian singer-songwriter, actress, Dancer, music child protégé who achieved national acclaim in Singapore for being a unique artiste in her genre. One of the few artistes in the world to be Michael Jackson endorsed. She is Singapore’s only Rock and Soul artiste and has been compared to Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Her one-of-a-kind music style can be described as an old school sounds with her distinctive "Rock and Soul" vibes and a touch of the new age style. Leandra’s music is rare and she is one of the most sought-after artistes in Asia.


On that note, Leandra Lane has started her new venture for kids and teenagers called  “Motown Kids” by Leandra Lane in Singapore. This music establishment encourages kids and teenagers to learn. practice  and showcase their vocal talents and performance abilities in preparation for live shows.

 Our classes are all about new discoveries, new instruments and lots of music!

My singing sessions are for kids to have fun, for them not to get bogged down by the “technical-know how” because people can lose their confidence when information is overwhelming. It is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. What we aim to achieve is for kids to let down their barriers, to not be self conscious and for them to let their voices out and let them elevate themselves no matter what mood they might be in. These classes are to bring out the musicality, and performer in you!

- Leandra Lane

“Motown Kids” by Leandra Lane was started to bring about a fresh new approach to young people learning and finding their creative potential in a fun and SAFE place to express themselves. Through different genres of music , performance and entertainment skills, the aim of this program is to not just improve students abilities but to take them out of their comfort zones and help build confidence. After all it’s our philosophy that through music young people can grow as individuals and feel comfortable in front of audiences. This program includes, solo and group singing, hands on introduction to various different instruments, stage and performance skills with an overarching aim to produce performances students can be proud of! Classes are conducted in different international schools and on the weekends for students from 5-18 years of age.

What Our Clients Say

My daughters 9 and 7 joined the Motown kids summer camp and had a blast! Leandra was very interactive and is such talented mentor who has music in her veins her entire life. At the camp, They learned songwriting skills, musicality, creativity, expression and very importantly individuality. Music comes in different genres as each kid is different. My kids came out loving music and performance more than ever. I would recommend Motown Kids to every parent.

- Alice Clark (UK)

We have recently moved to Singapore from the US and my daughter Ella loves to Sing. We chanced upon Leandra Lane who very kindly invited us to the Motown kids class on Saturdays and Ella has learned songs and is able to sing songs on her own and with her other classmates. She always looks forward to Motown Kids music class on Saturdays and I’m so proud of the little star she has become!!!

- Beth Johnson (US)

Mary my daughter started with the Motown kids Christmas camp before she joined the weekly Saturday sessions with Leandra and team. She explored her creative music potential. She has improved tremendously and enjoys making new friends in class. It’s an hour a day, but everyone in her class enjoys making music together. I highly recommend this class to any child who loves to sing, perform and make friends.

- Shaun McEwan (AUS)

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Contact Us

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Motown Kids by Leandra Lane

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