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Motown Teens

A fresh, fun new approach for teens aged 13-19, introducing them to singing and performing while building confidence and on-stage presence. 

Service Description


Monthly classes for ages 13 - 19. These fun, hour-long sessions introduce kids to singing and performing, while building confidence and on-stage presence. We help them build confidence in public speaking and teach them to enjoy the art of music. Students will be introduced to many musical instruments and have vocal practices in group sessions. Everything they learn is focused towards the main goal: performing at events in front of audiences.

First-time sign ups to the monthly classes will receive a complimentary Motown Kids T-Shirt!

* We have a single-session trial available for this class. If you are interested to try it out first, please select the trial option in the booking form.

Session Schedule


Frequency: Every first 4 Saturdays of the month.

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Venue: Holland Avenue

Things to Note


Please bring along a face shield and mask to your lessons.

If you are interested in  this class, click the button below to get started:

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